BA & Beyond Videos

Panel Discussion on Data and Decision Making
Lori Silverman, Alec Sharp, Sacha Dubrulle, Liz Calder

Data is just raw numbers. To turn your data into insights and actions, and have those actions generate business impact, you need to go beyond the raw data and think about models, patterns, decision making and ethics.

#BABeyond20 data science decision making ethics
Now I really do have to go virtual!
Penny Pullan

Virtual or remote collaboration is becoming the norm.

What does this mean for BA work?

How do you trigger engagement and creative collaboration online?

#BABeyond20 virtual working collaboration
RPA at Acerta Payroll
Jurgen Claes
  • The business case for process automation through RPA.
  • Practical experiences on how to start, create a roadmap, build a team, …
  • Realisations and results.
  • Hurdles: what vendors and consultants do not tell you.
#BABeyond19 RPA
IoT at the Museum of Things for People
Pieter-Jan Pauwels

Pieter-Jan presents the results of implementing IoT at the Museum of Things for People, a research project that investigated how Internet of Things can improve the museum visitor's experience.

He explains the human, technological and legal impact.

#BABeyond19 IoT
Leading from the Middle
Adrian Reed

In many cases, the people aspects of change are the hardest and we need to "lead from the middle" and influence without authority.

In this presentation, we explore some practical techniques for working with stakeholders in tricky, political, and conflict-laden situations.

#BABeyond18 leadership change